The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for 2013

As tablets, smartphones and other media devices become efficient mechanisms for listening and watching movies, TV shows and music, it is necessary to hear these using devices that are clearer. This is where portable Bluetooth speakers come in.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are designed such that they will provide you with greater sound quality. They will also allow you to share the sounds with other, especially with regards to much. The following are the best wireless Bluetooth speakers for 2013:

1. Clarity HD (Monster) – $125

This Precision Micro Bluetooth speaker by Monster will deliver room filling high quality stereo sound. The speakers are incredibly small and portable with an ultra compact and high performance system for the best in class stereo sound.


  • Built in mic with noise cancellation for wireless hands- free conferencing and calling

  • Rechargeable Lithium ion batteries can power up to five hours of full volume play time after a single charge

  • 3.5 mm input that will allow you to listen to music from Bluetooth 2.0 devices or other devices with standard headphone ports

  • Works on Mac and Windows PCs, Blackberry devices, Android and iPhone

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

2. JAMBOX (Jawbone) – $165

This powerful and colorful set of portable speakers packs the right punch within a compact box. It is unlike other speakers in the sense that it is powered by a highly sophisticated and proprietary pair of acoustic drivers. These are unmatched in terms of their ability at producing extremely low and high sounds from ultra- small dome speakers.

The JAMBOX also has a built- in microphone that you can use to share crisp and clean sounding conference call anytime, anywhere be it with family and friends, at home, in the car or even within your office. This device is perfect for sharing video chats through VoIP programs such as Skype.


  • Simultaneous multipoint enables you to make connectives with 2 devices

  • 2 powerful acoustic drivers with an ultra- small dome that produces a wide audio spectrum

  • You can update it with new features, software and apps via Jawbone’s innovative MyTalk portal

  • Close to 10 hours of continuous battery play which varies depending on the volume level

  • Works on Blackberry, Android devices, iPhone and Mac and Windows PCs

BIG JAMBOX Jawbone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Speakerphone Graphite Hex

BIG JAMBOX Jawbone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Speakerphone Graphite Hex

3. Beats Pill (Monster) – $199

Beats Pill by Dr. Dre wireless Bluetooth speakers will offer the best sound quality for your money. It features 30 ft range that is enough for small to large rooms. The small size, handy carbinet and light weight make it easy to transport so that you can listen to your favorite hits on the go.

This speaker was built as a compact and powerful gadget for listening to music and taking calls. This means you can take regular calls with it or Skype with friends and family.


  • 1.5 m audio cable

  • Carry case with the carabiner

  • 30 ft. max range

My Top 3 Favorite Relationship Books

Not one is ever in a relationship that didn’t want it to work out, otherwise why bother entering into it, right? One of the most challenging relationships we could ever have involves our romantic relationship with our partners. I believe so because a romantic relationship involves some serious work to keep it harmonious, let alone last. There are certain levels in a relationship that couples go through before you can really say that you’re confident that it will no longer be tempted to fall apart. Needless to say, commitment to your partner and commitment to make it work is very important. You never stop learning when you’re into a relationship. It’s a good thing that resources are now widely available to learn from. Books, magazines, blogs, videos, TV shows – you name it, information is there.

Here are my favorite top 3 relationship books I’ve read in the last year:

  1. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (by John Gray). This is not a new book on the market. In fact this came out and has become a bestseller in 1997. However I’d like to go back to this book from time to time to remind myself of the many ways I can help improve my relationship. Simply put, the author, being a relationship counselor, reveals the nature of man and women in their view of communication in the relationship. The right communication gets your messages and feelings across. If your communication is poor, so is your relationship. The books teaches on how to be sensitive to the communication signals of your partner, whether it means that he or she is ready to talk or not ready to talk, hurting, troubled or simply asking for space. It is surprising to know that even long term relationships that suffer due to lack of communication can be attributed to differences of genders in the way they communicate.

    Successful Romantic Relationship more Keys You Must Know

    Successful Romantic Relationship more Keys You Must Know

  2. We Love Each Other, But . . . (by Ellen Watchtel). Are you in relationship that is having some problems? Is your relationship off course? This book will help you rekindle the love you originally had with your partner; it will remind you to see the good side of your partner and the commitment you once shared together. Relationships can become monotonous and may need some spark from time to time. This book provides tips on how to keep your romantic interest in your partner and keep it for good.

  3. Relationship Saboteurs: Overcoming the 10 Behaviors that Undermine Love (by Randi Gunther). We can never deny that being in a relationship is being with a partner with a personality or character that is opposite ours. In the beginning, as always, we tell ourselves that we’d be willing to accept any differences we might have with our partners for the sake of love. But in only a matter of time, the same differences in attitudes or behaviors put a toll in the relationship, becoming too toxic to handle. This book will help couples understand whatever bad behaviors present in the relationship and how to overcome them effectively.

Study shows secret romantic relationships can be unhealthy

Study shows secret romantic relationships can be unhealthy

Help yourself with the many relationship books that are out there. If your relationship matters to you, then you’ll find the great help that is available in each of these books.

The Best 3 Self-Help Books I’ve Read This Last Year

The truth is that your mind can only get enough stress in life until it stops giving you any idea as to how to deal daily events. Just like you need friends to talk with, you will have to read books that can help you with how to handle all those worries and fears you are keeping inside of you.

These three here are the top of self help book that deals with being proactive and motivating you to keep on moving with life no matter how hard life can be.

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway

This book by Susan Jeffers deals with fear and overcoming it. Fear is one of the top reasons why people can’t reach their highest potential. Reading this can really give you some ideas how to manage your fear surpassing any situation.

Aside from dealing with your fears, Jeffers was able to show how you can see life differently; that decisions are not seen as right or wrong but are just paths you need to take. This is the best book to read if you want to do something new in your life or career and is just too fearful to go through it.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Life can be a bunch of ‘to do’ list that somehow, you tend to prioritize less things that are your reason for doing what you do in the first place. This is because you have become overridden by the things you should do than the things you love doing.

Now, David Allen wrote Getting Things Done to show you just how to use and maximize your time. He is a great believer on the two-minute rule that you have to apply if you are deciding things. He said that your mind can only process and is not meant to store things up. You just have to do it now, delegate the task, defer it for some time or drop it. This will save you a lot of energy and more time to spare on things that truly matters in life.

David Allen

David Allen

Allen said that there is no use on overwhelming yourself with things to do. If you do, you will not be able to accomplish anything at all. That is why you have to take a grip of your daily life and take control. The path of taking control involves a lot of things and one of them is to understand just how the mind works or operate, Allen explained in his book.

The mind can operate in five phases. It starts with collecting information or gathering input. That is why if you are up to something, gather all you need around you and see to it they are complete before you start processing them all up. After the processing of all the resources, your mind can now organize the information gathered.

Once your mind has organized everything, you can now act on it. Then after the action, you need to evaluate what you have accomplished. This is where you have to see if you need to improve or continue on with greater feat.

Spirit Junkie

This book is all about love that is boiling deep inside you. The Author Gabrielle Berstein was able to share her experiences to inspire people about life. The book might sound silly for some people but the book is so heart warming you will just have to continue reading.

Gabrielle Berstein

Gabrielle Berstein

How to Make Your Spouse Exercise More Often

Looking to make your spouse exercise more often? Then you are not alone in that. However, it is common knowledge that you can never be in full control over what your spouse does. This may sound ridiculous but it is the cold, hard truth. In as much as you will be married to them till death do you part, sometimes you need to use a bit of cunning to get them to do exactly what you want.

Anyway, this line of thought often causes problems in a marriage, especially with regards to exercise. It is pretty tough if you are active and your spouse isn’t. This is mostly because during your exercises, you will keep worrying about your spouse’s weight, health prospects, stress levels and mortality. On the other hand, they will certainly feel guilty anytime you go out to exercise and leave them lounging around.

Still, you should note that it is not wise to try force your loved one to do something they are clearly not comfortable with. However, the following tricks will nudge your partner to follow suit:

1. Be the Perfect Role Model

Nagging your spouse to exercise usually backfires. However, when you focus on your own health and fitness, you will indirectly encourage your wife/ husband to emulate you.

2. Use Gentle Encouragement

Be creative in planning short walks after dinner. You could also ask your partner if they would like to join you at your gym so that you can show them how things work out. Just by offering these strings- free invites, you may be able to get your reluctant spouse moving.

3. Make it Fun

Shouting, “Hey, Let’s run for 10 mile” may sometimes fail. However, when you make it sound less like exercise- like a tennis game, a bike ride or even a fun swimming session on a hot afternoon, the suggestion will be more appealing. Ensure that they think you want to have fun and spend more time with them rather than get them to exercise.

Health Benefits Of Exercise

Health Benefits Of Exercise

4. Be Honest

Instead of getting angry that your spouse isn’t willing to exercise, talk to them about what is really bothering you. You may want better prospects in the future or you may just be worried about your partner’s health. You may also want them to explain why they are so against exercise. They may surprise you with their reasons- some of which you may not be aware of. Whatever the case, ensure you are honest about what you really want from them.

Remember that encouraging your partner to get up and exercise shouldn’t be a daily chore. You should look out for creative ways to encourage them to exercise. Signing up for gym exercise is pretty easy. This is because some gym salespeople are so convincing that you will see a newly- svelte version of yourself without the hard work that is required.

Beneficial exercise

Beneficial exercise

Overall, so long as you can find ways to get out more often, try tagging your spouse along. They may be hesitant at first but they will eventually come along. Motivate them to join you anytime you take a long way or go biking in the countryside. In the long run, you ­will both enjoy the benefits of healthy exercise regimens.

What’s Considered A Good Credit Score?

A good credit is not only necessary for you to be able to get a cell phone contract or get approved for a credit card. A good credit is something that would actually help lower your interest rates. So, how would you exactly know that your credit scores are good? You’ll be able to determine a good credit score by referring to the range set by FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation). Having a credit score of 300 is the lowest you can have and 850 being the highest. Within this range, where did your credit score fall? You’ll be able then to tell whether or not you have a good credit score.

One can be said to have a good credit score solely by basing on numbers. When you have a FICO score ranging from 680 to 700, it can be considered an average credit which is acceptable to the eyes of the credit bureau. Having a credit score of 300 (which is considered to be the worst) does not however mean that you’ll not be able to secure a loan. There are still banks that will grant you a loan but you just have to pay more dearly. You can find below the range of scores which afford you better loan opportunities.

When your credit score falls within 680 to 724, this can already be considered a good credit score and this provides you a better opportunity especially when you’re applying for a car, mortgage and other types of loan.

Having good credit is more than just a desire for most of us, it is a necessity in our society

Having good credit is more than just a desire for most of us, it is a necessity in our society

A credit score falling between 725 and 759 is a very good one. This does not however ensure you that your credit score is near perfection. You may still have some credit blemishes when your score falls within this range. It could be that you’ve missed to pay a loan on time. Nonetheless, this guarantees you a niftier application on credit cards.

An excellent credit score, on the other hand, is a score which ranges from 760 to 850. Be glad when you’ve earned a credit score falling within this range because this is very pleasing for mortgage companies and banks. They will be more than willing to answer your queries for being conscientious and responsible enough with your loan and credit card payments. Be sure to keep your credit scores good so you’ll enjoy the same privileges.

The little things that can have a major impact on your credit score and some things you should do or avoid to help improve credit.

The little things that can have a major impact on your credit score and some things you should do or avoid to help improve credit.

Don’t worry though if your score falls short of what’s considered to be a good credit score range. There’s still a chance for you to revamp a bad credit score to a good one. This may not happen overnight though but you’ll come to the point of achieving a good credit score. Those who have managed to maintain good credit scores should not be too smug because there’s a fine line between good and bad credit scores. The best thing to do therefore is to keep a copy of your credit reports so you’ll have a track over your scores.